Going The The Top

Is Where I Am

Cheerio! —

Hello from London. We arrived yesterday and are already having a brilliant time exploring the city. We are staying in Green Park, right near all the great attractions and have decided that this city is one that is very conducive to walking. We have walked past many attractions and are getting our bearings before plunging into the individual tours of Buckingham Palace & the changing of the guards, the Tower of London and the crown jewels, and Westminster Abbey, among others.

Lucy had a great idea that we should definitely pamper ourselves while here. What could be better than a chinese massage London? We have asked the concierge at the hotel for some recommendations and are looking into finding a spa in which we can be self indulgent for a day while here.

We are hoping that our stay here does not seem to fly by like it did in Paris, but we are confident that we can slow down some and enjoy the sites. Back to exploring!

Twenty Year Old Dream Comes True for Me and My Sister —

All our lives, my sister Joan and I have dreamed of visiting London England. To us, it has always been a magical place were dreams come true. We both have a fascination with the royal family. Joan’s with the present-day family; Princess Diana and her family. Mine, on the other hand, has always been King Author, Merlin, and Queen Elizabeth the first.

London was amazing. We were only there for three days, but we did more in those three days than most people do in a month. We took the Harry Potter tour, went to Stonehenge, went to all the Palaces, visited many museums, saw Big Ben and went to Scotland Yards.

When we got home, we were both tired and in so much pain, we could hardly move. I told, her, we forgot to do one thing in London. We forgot to get a Finchley chinese massage London.

The Disappearing Guy Act —

Gay dating is not always fun. At least that seems to be the general consensus among most singles. In all of my years of going on dates and putting myself out there the one thing that has always bothered me more than anything is what I like to call the “Disappearing Guy Act”. Which is where a guy simply stops talking to you, giving you no reason. Usually I never see these guys again, but one in particular I did end up running into again. I was out on a date with another man when we ran into my old flame who stood there like a deer in the headlights. Come to find out, he had been on his way to the bathroom. The shock of seeing me there was enough for him to promptly wet himself in public like a two year old. It was hilarious.